Digital Lagoon provides hosting to websites that we develop. Our servers are maintained by qualified Digital Lagoon technicians, using the latest Cisco Pix firewall security, redundant bandwidth and generated backup. The Digital Lagoon Technical Team is dedicated to YOUR website maintenance and trouble-free hosting- 24/7. It’s that simple.

Website Hosting

  • Linux and Open Source
  • IIS
  • SQL Server

Media Hosting

  • Video, Audio Streaming
  • Web Based Training
  • Vimeo 

Email Hosting

  • POP3 and Web based email access
  • Web based administration control panel
  • Junk email filter, strong virus and spam protection
  • Domain name procurement and hosting
  • Custom configuration options available to meet any needs

SSL Procurement

  • Hosting includes full redundancy and backup, 24 x 7 support along with maintenance that can be used for site expansion, new features or custom applications to meet your needs.

Hosting and Maintenance Agreement

Clients who select both hosting and maintenance get a substantial price break on the cost of programming and their projects are immediately entered into the workflow.

Hosting Agreement

Digital Lagoon will host your site and/or your email. Site changes and advanced technical support can be provided. Contact us for a quote. Digital Lagoon will work with you to tailor a custom plan that meets your specific needs

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