Digital Lagoon optimizes every site our team designs to ensure that it is accessible to search engines. Digital Lagoon uses these best-practices techniques to give your Web site the best chance possible at a top organic search listing.

  • Copy on the home page of a Web site should briefly describe what the company does as well as what a visitor will find on the site. This is useful not only in boosting search engine rankings, but also serves to familiarize visitors with the site.
  • The body copy of a site should be written with strong, relevant content. This includes using as many of the keywords from the META tag keyword list as possible.
  • Hidden META tags are embedded on each page of the site. They are  helpful for providing search engines information about pages that otherwise lack text . They also up the ante for pages that already have text on them. Digital Lagoon uses two types of META tags: keywords and description.
  • Most search engines send out automated programs called spiders or robots that move through a Web site and create an index of all of its content. These programs often do not move through graphical elements (such as buttons). Digital Lagoon includes all of the main navigational elements of the site as text links at the bottom of every page to help ensure the entire site is indexed. This navigation is in addition to the main navigation.


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