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How to avoid getting caught in the phishing net
How To Avoid Getting Caught In The Phishing Net
Are you easily tricked into handing over unnecessary information to unreliable sources? Let us help you learn how to see the signs of a phishing scam!
Think twice when you see a notification requesting a call for immediate action. Phishing scams can easily be hidden within the message. Between a sense of fear; losing account access, account disabled, suspicious activity on your account or a sense of urgency to receive a prize, watch out.
From convincing iTunes username and password requests to suspicious and misspelled emails, phishing scams are everywhere. You may find an email or notification stating that your Apple ID is due to expire today. Considering Apple IDs do not expire this is an immediate red flag. If you do happen to click on something suspicious, check the URL. Does it look odd? Look for spelling errors or unusual words. Microsoft office 365 has recently had issues with phishing scams. You may receive an email that says “we detected something about a recent sign-in to the Microsoft mail-box…. etc” The email then requests that you review recent activity on the account. You can see though that the URL looks odd within the email “Notifications@microsǫ” the “o” is actually a “q” within the URL. Don’t be fooled by convincing emails!