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Digital Lagoon is lucky to work and collaborate with some amazing clients. We work with a variety of industries and organizations, from startups to well established companies all diverse in their size to location, here is a sampling of a few.
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If you are in business, having a website is crucial to your success. Even a small business should have a proper website. However, there is a big difference between a website, and a “great” web site.

I have owned and operated my own business for 30 years. I am an art instructor, and teaching is my main source of income. Marketing and promotion is vital to me making a living. For many years, I would just hire friends to do my web site for me, to keep it affordable. This was fine in the early years, but as I grew and expanded my business, it became difficult and expensive to constantly update it. Often, things were very time sensitive, and by the time my web designers got around to adding the new material, the opportunity had come and gone. It was very frustrating.

In 2015, I decided to hire Digital Lagoon to create a professional website for me. Even though I am a very small business, the investment I made is well worth it. My website is gorgeous. It is interesting, and entertaining, and I look extremely professional because of it. People can spend an hour, looking through all of my business information, my art gallery, and seeing the different aspects of my career. There is no way a novice could have created such a beautiful, professional looking website for me.

No longer do I have to wait for someone to update things either. Digital Lagoon gives me the ability to add and change things myself whenever I want to. But, should I need help with more complicated things, they are right there to step in, in a very timely fashion.

I am now ready for them to expand my website once again, adding new products and e-commerce, making my website an actual business. Digital Lagoon has offered me many opportunities to turn my art into a thriving business. Their printing services have added a whole new dimension to my business.

No matter how big, or how small your business is, you owe it to yourself to invest in a website with Digital Lagoon. They will make you look very professional, and will help you achieve much more success in your business and career.

Lee Hammond
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I have been a client of Digital Lagoon’s for a number of years and I am quite familiar with the industry from working with other agencies. Digital Lagoon is extremely responsive, listens to what we are trying to accomplish and without question enhances every project we have planned or organized with them. If you think what you are planning is something that is not in Digital Lagoon’s wheelhouse, you are probably wrong. They never cease to surprise me with their depth of talent, original thought, attention to detail and they always have their eyes on success. All of the artwork and visuals do a great job of matching our client needs. There is an advantage to not just being a face in the crowd, but having a relationship with Digital Lagoon that I truly value. I am proud and honored to be associated with Digital Lagoon.

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Digital Lagoon has been a great asset to our marketing and website team. They are attentive to our needs and are always offering suggestions on ways to get the most exposure for our company. Website traffic has increased as well as the inquiries and online applications since we started using them.

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I have worked with Digital Lagoon for approximately 10-12 years, on a variety of digital projects including website design, development and hosting, interactive flip-catalogs, CDs, flash drives, etc. I always feel confident about reaching out to Digital Lagoon for any of our digital needs, and we receive a high level of service. It’s nice to have an established relationship with a digital agency, where you can even work directly with the owner. In addition, Digital Lagoon has helped my husband with his company branding and website development. I would highly recommend Digital Lagoon to anyone needing assistance with digital projects.

Olathe Public Schools Foundation logo

Digital Lagoon was a valued partner in our rebranding and web site design a few years back. As we have continued to evolve the site to achieve higher levels of productivity, their staff continues to work as part of our team for the best possible outcome. We appreciate the high level of project management provided by Stephanie Rupp.

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We are really delighted with the end result of our new site by Digital Lagoon. Top quality and creative people. The team helped keep us accountable and on task throughout the process. In hindsight, we are grateful for the detailed navigational mapping that was required before being turned over to programmers which in the end saved time and potential troubles down the road.

Dennis Anderson
Picture & Frame Industries logo

Jordan and his team at Digital lagoon did our original site about 12 years ago and it was “function” for us at the time and exactly what we ask for. Two years ago, as our business model, changed, we needed some major updates and went to them for a re-design. Primarily we wanted a website to be our catalog / customer communication platform. we also wanted the ability to make modifications easily in house and not have to go to team for every change. Our New site does this and our staff makes can go many things without going through DL. Plus with their efforts, we planned for the future developing the platform to go with a “direct / shopping cart” option when we choose do so.

Digital Lagoon has really satisfied us in all phases… development, content and support.

QSI Quality Structures, Inc. logo

I couldn’t be more satisfied with our entire experience working with Digital Lagoon to create our new company website. We continue to work with them on an ongoing basis. They are so quick and very easy to work with. I look forward to our next big project with Digital Lagoon.

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Digital Lagoon works in a variety of Industries, but we are always open to expanding into new territories.

If you like our portfolio of work, contact us.

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