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Our Creative Process
At Digital Lagoon, we work hard in the creative department to provide designs that are focused on the needs and wishes of our clients. While each designer approaches a project a little differently, we do have an overall process guided by our Creative Director. We define the project just enough to know our objective, but not too strict that we do not have room to be flexible and of course, creative. The fun is in exploring!

Our process basically breaks down into 4 parts.

We meet.
First we learn about the project, about you, about the company and anything else you want to share.
We research.
Then we take what we learn and start researching. This includes determining what we know and what we do not know. This leads to additional questions or ideas that we might incorporate later. We then read and collect articles. Our favorite part is the visual research. Color pallets, font combinations, photography styles – we love mood boards!
We sketch and brainstorm.
Next we bring out the paper and start brainstorming. Usually we start with random thumbs mixed with notes to get our ideas going. Sometimes this is enough for us to move forward, other times these sketches are pushed further before we commit to designing. You will find random sketches floating around our desks or in our notepads!
We design.
Then we take our best ideas to start layouts on the computer. We narrow down colors and fonts to establish the look and feel of the project. Sometimes we work on multiple ideas at once other times we start with one or two to develop. We play, refine and discuss until we have mock-ups to present.