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Our Process
At Digital Lagoon, we use a straightforward process that results in a custom website that can scale with your growing needs, no matter the industry.
Kickoff – Unlike most web development agencies, Digital Lagoon has a robust and custom start-up phase during which we dig into not only your business needs, but also capture your aspirations. We place a high value on face time, whether it’s going to lunch, meeting at your offices or ours, or connecting via video conference. Getting to know you and your team, your brand, and what’s important to you is an essential part of the kickoff process, which sets the tone for your custom website. The result of this phase is a sitemap and a timeline for development.
Create – Watch your site come to life as we work hand-in-hand to efficiently design, build, test, and launch the online translation of your vision and brand. From the start of the creative process until your site is a reality, we’ll lead you through nailing down the theme and tone of voice, navigating the development and testing process, and finalizing your new online presence. And we’ll be there with you to pop a top and celebrate your new, unique stake in the sand that serves as the hub for your digital marketing strategy!
Empower – Now it’s your turn to captain the ship! Digital Lagoon doesn’t just create custom websites – we make sure your company is equipped to manage the site post-launch with a user-friendly content management system (CMS) and services that ensure your investment stands the test of time. We don’t skimp on the hand-off of your new site – whether you want to take ownership of site management yourself, or leave it in our capable hands. We’ll make sure you and your team are fully trained in the CMS, or, if you prefer, we can transition maintenance of your site to our team of digital marketing specialists.

Digital Lagoon has a 3 step process to make your website project a success.