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Conger-Elsea Advantage

Conger-Elsea is a longtime client of Digital Lagoon. Conger-Elsea wanted to expand their reach by creating a new website for the Conger-Elsea Advantage division of their company. Conger-Elsea not only desired an updated look – style, color, layout and imagery – but they also wanted new features to bring new clients and students to the site.


Digital Lagoon provided a new style guide and logo for Conger-Elsea Advantage, to freshen up the look and unify the color palette. Ideas were brainstormed on how to improve SEO to attract new clients and broaden their audience. The content management system (CMS) was also deeply considered in the process, as we wanted to tie in their existing with their new site,


The final website brings benefits in many areas: visual, SEO and content management. The fresh new look of Conger-Elsea Advantage paired with the mobile responsiveness gives the user a great experience on any device. Yoast was installed on Conger-Elsea Advantage as a tool to test the power of the content and how effective it is with bringing in new traffic. This tool is real time and client can measure their success as they go. Conger-Elsea and Conger-Elsea Advantage websites also share the same CMS so that the client can conveniently update news, events and classes on each site, all at once.

The final website brings benefits in many areas: visual, SEO and content management.
A Look at The Process
Conger-Elsea Advantage began with careful planning using both a sitemap and wireframes. Adding style to our wireframes was a long process in order to satisfy all of the client’s ideas and needs. Moving forward the mockups were expanded into a programmed website with an extensive CMS system and media library.