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Durvet employs 43 people at its Blue Springs headquarters and supports 50+ member distribution points with almost 700 sales professionals located across the country offering equine care and pet health lines to owners of livestock, equine and pets. Due to Durvet expanding within their product development, they came to Digital Lagoon wanting a new website. Their old website had outdated technology and backend issues that needed to be addressed. Digital Lagoon made it possible for Durvet to feature the products that are important to their business and make the content that is most significant standout while enhancing their technology to expand product development.


Digital Lagoon highlighted their products through categories using animal imagery as the main navigation element. Durvet’s social media feed was added to the new home page to bring
attention to the amount of time, effort and care their company spends promoting the well-being and importance of animal health on a daily basis. For the creative aspect of the website, Digital Lagoon chose to utilize the white space throughout the website to balance large and vibrate photos of animals while also maintaining a modern and clean look. We wanted to use Durvet’s brand colors but not overwhelm the viewer. To highlight the blog portion of the website on the home page, we chose to use Durvet brand yellow along with using images of animal’s heads to replace the “o” in blog to change out as the page refreshes. This rotation feature provides a subtle variety of images along with the ever-changing content from the blog for frequent viewers to stay engaged.


Digital Lagoon implemented both new design and updated content as well as structural and backend solutions to enhance the viewers and internal teams experience. Users now have a friendlier and easier way to navigate the site and the Durvet team has the backend technology they need to easily expand their website and product offering. Due to Digital Lagoon’s website design and development, Durvet does not just have a great looking website, but they have a website that will last for years to come. Check out Durvet’s new website here!

Technology that lasts for years to come.

A Look at The Process


The site began with creating a sitemap based on their current site, along with the Durvet team we reevaluated what needed to stay as is and what needed changing. These changes were implemented on everything from the back end content management system to subtle graphics used for buttons and pages. We also reworded the dealer portal, a section that requires login for their users. The new section looks and functions the same as the public front-end website so dealers have the same user experience and ease of navigating.