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ECHO GPR Services

Construction Solutions has performed over 7,500 GPR surveys across the world. They don’t strive to be the largest GPR company, but the best GPR company. Due to the desire to target their industry capabilities and market the company effectively, Construction Solutions came to Digital Lagoon in need of rebranding.

Digital Lagoon began by researching possible company names with our client’s goal in mind. The goal was to better identify what services Construction Solutions provides through their company name. As a team, we determined that Echo GPR Services was the perfect name. We then began working on the logo. We developed a clean logo with a hint under the “e” that symbolizes what they do as a company, radar services. Along with a new name and logo, we expanded the brand so the company now has a variety of logos and icons to apply on t-shirts and banners to promote their new name.

After the logo and colors were determined, we focused on the new website. Echo GPR Services’ new website is now easier to use and has consistent branding. With the new graphics and navigation, you can easily see and navigate to all of the different services that Echo GPR Services provides. Contact information is located on all headers and you can easily complete a quote form to receive more information. The website now consists of even more detailed projects. This allows viewers to build confidence with Echo GPR Services.

Click here to view Echo GPR’s new website.