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hARTshare was an idea ready to come to life when it came to Digital Lagoon. The goal of was to sell Artist-made boxes and to track the boxes’ journeys around the world, through Travel Logs. Through many in-person discovery meetings, thoughts, ideas and concepts were discussed until we scoped and planned each step and phase of the project. Creating the process and website from scratch, an extreme amount of detail went into outlining the creation of site and how the end user would interact with it.


hARTshare was designed as a bright, friendly and interactive site for users and Artists of all ages, countries and mindsets to come together. Large buttons and popups are used to guide the users from page to page, assisting them with the goal: purchasing and tracking their hand-made boxes. Users can create their own accounts and post stories about their experiences on their Box Travel Logs. The site can be used on all devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


hARTshare has a thriving Artist and user community who utilize the sites features, such as the private Artist Forum, What’s New section and the Box Travel Logs. The Artist Forum and Contact Us pages keep the owner involved in daily communication with users through the site. The site’s robust content management system tracks orders and sales as well as allows for Newsletters and customer communication to be sent directly from the site.

Art come to life through design and development
A Look at The Process
Project management tools such as sitemaps, wireframes and messaging systems were used to accomplish the goals set forth in the discovery phase of the website. Time and planning went into each stage to ensure that the project was as focused, yet robust, as possible. The site’s page structure and flow, use case diagrams and content were all analyzed before starting to make the ideas come to life with a colorful and dynamic final product.