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Maxus 123

Maxus Properties came to Digital Lagoon wanting to completely remodel and reinvent their existing employee website. Their goal was for this new website to be the “hub” that employees use for All Things Maxus – Policies & Procedures, Forms, Links to commonly-used websites, information relating to benefits, employees, properties, news, calendar events, and much more.


Though the basics were already laid out by the existing Maxus 123 site, Digital Lagoon wanted to take Maxus 123 to a new level of performance and functionality. The existing website was not user friendly, so our first objective was to create something fun to use. A full width display and large graphics along with colorful featured content create an attractive atmosphere for users to explore. Our second objective was to improve the site administrator’s privileges. Through the content management system (CMS) Maxus has the ability to update each section of the site to their liking in order to keep the site updated and relevant for all employees.


You need to be a Maxus employee to log on and view the magic, Digital Lagoon took the quality time that was needed to create not only a great looking site, but one that will stand the test of time and be used for years to come. Digital Lagoon implemented the above solutions as well as uploading all current content to the site so that users can start out with a fully developed and abundant resource.

the “hub” that employees use for All Things Maxus
A Look at The Process
Much time was taken in preparation of programming Maxus 123. User types, content types and page layouts were among many documents arranged by project management and the creative team for the Lagoon programming team. View images above to see examples.