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Office Makeover

When the boss went away on vacation, the Digital Lagoon team saw a chance to play. We decided to take our office to the next level with a makeover. Everyone came together and dove head first into the project. We had one week to create the transformation!
We began by drafting a makeover plan and picking the paint colors. Once the game plan was completed, we started removing everything from the walls. We worked as a team to patch the holes and paint. Our creative director began designing the graphics while the marketing team helped guide the thought process.
By the time the boss left the Caribbean, the painting was completed and we were prepared with our big presentation of what we wanted to print and hang. We had an overwhelming amount of approval and excitement about the makeover.
Over the past couple of months, we have been designing, printing and hanging materials in the office. We still have a few more items to go but it has been a blast transforming Digital Lagoon.