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Parker Bows

Parker Bows is based in Staunton, Virginia and was founded in 1984 by the late Bob Errett. Parker is one of the largest producers of compound bows and crossbows in the world. Over half a million bow hunters across the USA hunt with a Parker bow, which is a true testament to the innovation and quality they put into each bow and crossbow. Parker Bows wanted to expand their target audience as well as produce a robust mobile friendly website to handle the over 2 million page views they see annually. To achieve their goals and take them into the digital future, Parker came to Digital Lagoon for a new website.


Parker Bows designed a new logo and Digital Lagoon took that look and expanded it into their identity. We made the website more responsive, easy to navigate, clean and modern. Digital Lagoon took this approach to expand into a younger target audience as well as maintain their current target audience.

By adding a geo location feature to the website, visitors are shown the nearest dealer. This allows Parker Bows to target their viewers. Not only can we target the viewer’s location, once they have purchased a product, the website will recommend additional products that relate to their original purchase. Another way for Parker Bows to promote their products is to utilize giveaways. Once a month Parker Bows gives away a crossbow and a compound bow. Without crowding the website’s informative content, Digital Lagoon added a subtle tab on every page that links to those monthly giveaways.

To capture the adventure and sport aspect of Parker Bows’ products, the secondary imagery on the footer and parallax areas showcase adventure and sport images. Parker Bows also wanted to tie products to consumer. We used photography from clients on the website to do this. To maintain a clean look across the website while also adding depth, hints of texture was added to the pages. Areas of movement and red and gray color changes were implemented throughout the website to bring attention to different sections of the website.


Digital Lagoon took the time and energy to build an outstanding website for Parker Bows. Not only does the website look visually appealing, the backend will hold up to technology advances for years to come. Check out Parker Bows’ new website here!

More responsive, easy to navigate and modern.
A Look at The Process
View images above to see Parker Bows’ outstanding new website. The images highlight mobile responsiveness, creative designs and page layouts.