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Quality Structures

Quality Structures, Inc. is a locally owned company that prides itself in employing hardworking individuals and constructing high quality buildings that are unique to each customer. Digital Lagoon shares in these qualities with QSI, as we create websites truly unique to each of our clients. QSI wanted a website to highlight images of their buildings and let the user customize their own building – right on the site itself.


Digital Lagoon decided a full width look for the home page, giving the site visitor multiple images to view and multiple ways to navigate to the content they are looking for. To improve how QSI employees communicate with clients, Digital Lagoon also created individual contact forms for each salesperson. There are many ways on the site you can get a quote or talk to a salesperson.


Each visitor to QSI’s new site can read about the history of the company, advantages of working with QSI, and view an overabundance of beautiful images of all types of buildings QSI has constructed. With many interactive forms, buttons, and slideshows, you can even design your own structure with our unique Color Selector application. The Color Selector allows you to select a building and customize it with a wide pallet of colors so that the customer can get a real feel of what is possible while working with Quality Structures, Inc.

The Color Selector allows you to select a building and customize it
A Look at The Process
The CMS makes it simple and quick to add new news, tradeshow dates, FAQ, new employees to site, improving SEO. Along with the CMS basics, a custom email dashboard that stores all estimate, contact us or find a salesperson form submissions helps QSI stay organized and on top of requests and quotes.