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Previously Digital Lagoon developed SarahCare’s main website. Due to the great teamwork and finished product between SarahCare and Digital Lagoon, they came back for more web development. We added a sub site to target people who want to open their own SarahCare franchise. This new website focuses strictly on marketing SarahCare as a business and how you can become a franchisee.
We took elements from their main website to tie both websites together. Some of these elements include colors, patterns, headers and fonts. To keep their audience in mind, we kept the font size option available for their older audience.
Growth was top of mind when building the website. As SarahCare expands their program, there are pages available on the backend ready to go live when they need to add an abundance of additional information. We created an easy to use CMS guide that allows users to focus on changing out text and imagery or add additional pre-formatted pages with ease. Visit their franchise website here!