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Wheatberri offers career services in the insurance and financial industry. Since young graduates is a large portion of their target audience, they came to Digital Lagoon in need of a contemporary website that was not only informative but also appealing to use.

Digital Lagoon worked with Wheatberri to create a vibrant website that has a fun and playful look but also provides the information that viewers are looking for. Wheatberri chose a design with bright colors and many icons that kept the page more interesting. We introduced aqua into the color scheme to help balance the bright green and orange of the logo.

We focused on providing a streamlined job search process for new and current users alike. Behind the scene of this site is a robust content management system that has multiple levels of pricing, users, notifications and more. By providing an easy registration and application process, Digital Lagoon created a strong website for Wheatberri that allows users to find jobs easily and permits the client to expand the website.

Check out the website HERE!