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Protecting Your Credit Card For Holiday Purchases
The holiday season is here and people are ready to steal your credit card information! Learn how to keep the Grinch away from your holiday season.
If the website you are on looks suspicious, read the privacy and credit card information section on the website. Whenever possible, use a PayPal Account. PayPal facilitates payments between two parties online without giving the product website credit card information. This allows you to keep your credit card information between just you and PayPal at all times.
Digital Lagoon values keeping our clients credit card information safe. For privacy purposes, we do not store or save any credit card information. Read 10 tips below on how to keep your credit card safe this holiday season.
  1. Don’t leave your credit card laying around for people to see
  2. Make sure you are shopping on a credible website
  3. Look at the url and make sure it says “https”
  4. Beware of free wifi
  5. Use a PayPal account when possible
  6. Make sure you are on a secure device when using your credit card on a computer or mobile device
  7. Keep your passwords a secret and don’t use the same password for everything
  8. Check your account often
  9. Use a credit card over a debit card. Credit cards offer better consumer protection against fraud
  10. Log off after completing a transactio