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Video Production
Digital Lagoon has produced creative marketing videos for companies and products for years. We are skilled at understanding your target audience and getting your message across in a unique way.
Studies show that there are many benefits to video marketing. Video marketing builds brand awareness and trust while allowing your audience the capability to easily share the video via social media, email or text. Over 52% of users are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video.
Online videos create a lucrative value for your business, brand and services. It is important to understand what content your audience is looking for in a video and how long the video should be. Digital Lagoon can help with both! We have found that if a video is under three minutes long, 80% of viewers will watch the entire video. It’s time to understand your audience and learn how to market effectively.

Contact Jordan Gershon at Digital Lagoon to help produce and stream your next product or company video.