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What’s the point of having a great website if no one can find it?! Digital Lagoon’s search engine marketing expertise ensures your digital content is viewed positively by search engine giants like Google, and in the end hits home with your target audience – driving them to your site and keeping them there.
What is search engine optimization (SEO), anyway? Old-school SEO simply meant that you wrote site content using the keywords most commonly searched for by your potential customers. You’d use them in key places, and frequently, and traffic would organically make its way to your site. That’s still part of the game, but the practice of SEO has evolved into a much more sophisticated art that combines creative and technical work meant to separate high-quality websites from the not-so-great. Good sites are rewarded with higher search rankings and more consumer exposure, for free (more on paid results later). What makes a site “good” in the eyes of search engines? Not to worry – it’s all stuff Digital Lagoon can help with:
High-quality, relevant content – it’s very important that the main and supplementary content on your pages has a specific purpose and is designed to achieve it. No kidding, right? Well, you’d be surprised at how many websites rank low with Google because their content is unfocused, distracting, outdated, or doesn’t add value. Digital Lagoon has the tools and know-how to create or optimize original content (and put it to good use) that not only helps your site rank high and avoid getting passed over in search engine results, but also appeal to other sites and get linked to – an enormously important factor in achieving domain authority and trust, and therefore higher placement in search results.
Great user experiences – it’s not just content that drives high search rankings. Your site also has to be appealingly designed, straightforward, helpful, easy to navigate – all things that make visitors stick around and come back. The usability of mobile sites is especially scrutinized, both by automated algorithms and human quality raters. Sites that provide excellent user experiences across a variety of platforms consistently rank higher in search results. Digital Lagoon has the expertise to create sites designed for the best possible usability across desktop and mobile.
Meeting Google’s requirements – don’t risk ranking lower and being out of sight of your potential customers by not understanding and adhering to Google’s ever-shifting list of rules and principles. Digital Lagoon knows the technical requirements by heart, and stays abreast of the latest SEO principles, and can steer you to the right choices that help your site climb to the top of web search results.
Making sure your site can achieve the highest possible organic search rankings requires carefully balancing a lot of back-end and consumer-facing elements, and it’s an ongoing process. Digital Lagoon can help!
So, what about paying for results? If you’d like to take it a step further, Digital Lagoon is ready to help you create and deploy a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy that drives traffic to your website through the use of carefully selected paid advertisements. This can be a great way to jumpstart site traffic and get the exposure you need. Our team can define, implement, and manage your SEM program, flexibly designed to transform as your needs change and grow, and – let’s get real – to squeeze the most return on investment out of your digital marketing budget.
What makes a site “good” in the eyes of search engines? Not to worry – it’s all stuff Digital Lagoon can help with.