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Content Management Systems
What a Powerful CMS Can Do for You
Long-term website management is as important as the initial creation of a website. Updated documents, correct contact information and timely news announcements keep search engines interested in content and visitors coming back.
Digital Lagoon provides support and training so website content stays fresh, but not everyone knows (or wants to know!) how to write HTML or CSS. That’s why Digital Lagoon provides clients with full featured, easy to use content management tools.
CMS stands for Content Management System. Your CMS will give you simple control over your website content, associated images and documents, navigation, news articles and more.
Content is managed through use of a text editor complete with familiar menu options like bullets, text alignment and hyperlinks.
Access and editing rights to different areas of the website are controlled through the use of user roles.
Digital Lagoon can provide customizations and module upgrades to clients because our CMS was created by our experienced developers to be flexible and expandable.
Contact Digital Lagoon to discuss solutions for all of your website administration needs.